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Treatment has resolved so many issues in the last 20 years for the whole family, visiting both Joanna and Jonathan. Issues include:

  • Glue ear in one of our children.
  • Blocked tear duct in one of our children when a young baby resolved after 1 treatment (our doctor had recommended an operation under general anaesthetic).
  • My pelvis separating when I was pregnant with our third child. Our doctor said I needed crutches but with Osteopathic treatment I was able to keep walking and mobile.
  • Continual back problems which flare up regularly throughout my life. I would visit not been able to walk or move properly but after a few treatments the problem would be completely resolved.
  • A very badly damaged knee, torn ligaments and meniscus. With manipulation, massage and acupuncture I have been able to return to gym classes 5 times a week, including high impact aerobics, weight lifting and swimming.
  • At various times of stress Osteopathic treatment has released tension and headaches, neck, jaw and back pain.
  • A long term shoulder injury has been resolved and my shoulder is now fully functional.
  • My children, now teenagers, run and row at highly competitive levels and have osteopathic treatment from time to time to deal with muscle / ligament strain and pain. The occasional treatment keeps them at peak fitness levels.

From Sarah, Droitwich (2015)

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