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I first visited county osteopaths after an injury I had been suffering with wasn’t getting any better and had started to have a big impact on my life and the exercise I could do. As an avid gym goer this was a persistent problem. I had been being treated for almost 3 years with no improvements. Joanna was extremely through in discussing my problems, pain and what if anything was making it worse; at this point even breathing could be painful. She quickly informed me that I did not have a torn rotator cuff and the issue was in my rib muscles on the right hand side. After being treated for 3 years for something I didn’t have I became quite baffled as to how nobody until now had picked this up. As Joanna continued to explain why I was getting pain in certain areas and nothing was getting better I could finally see why nothing had changed!!!! In a few short appointments my pain when breathing and chronic back pain had gone. I was able to lift heavier weights in the gym and my movement was so much easier.

It also came to light I had another issue with my ankle that I had sustained as a child, as a result of this I have never been able to run or do any high impact work at the gym, Joanna worked on my ankle and now I can finally run, albeit not very far or for long periods of time yet and I can now do much more impact exercises.

I can’t recommend Joanna highly enough, her levels of care and treatment are second to none and I am incredibly grateful to her for not only establishing what was actually wrong with me but for giving me huge improvements in my life and the exercises I can now do. I now no longer suffer with any pain and I have progressed further in a couple of months than I have in three years

Name and address supplied (Droitwich)

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