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Client testimonials

An avid gym goer with a persistent problem

I first visited county osteopaths after an injury I had been suffering with wasn’t getting any better and had started to have a big impact on my life and the exercise I could do. As an avid gym goer this was a persistent problem. I had been being treated for almost 3...

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Tension and discomfort in a 7 year old

Osteopathic treatment got to the bottom of the problem and helped relieve the pressure / tension he felt in his head leading to him feeling calmer, less aggressive so he didn’t feel like banging his head. From Mum of Tom (aged 7), Stourport (2010)

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Crying baby 

Harry was born a very discontented baby. I finally tried Cranial Osteopathy as recommended by my Health Visitor. I had 2 appointments and it was as if Harry changed instantly. He seemed so much more relaxed and contented, his sleeping improved and he was feeding...

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Knotty shoulders

Initially I visited Joanna for help with tension and knottiness in my shoulder, which had been becoming increasingly uncomfortable for over a year. Joanna took a detailed account of my health and physical problems in my first consultation. Through this and my first...

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Headaches and Longstanding back-related issues

Jo is the perfect therapist for me. Having had Cranial treatment in the past I was confident that, with the right help, I could rebalance my body again. Having deep-rooted problems as well as recent challenges I hoped that Jo could identify exactly what was happening,...

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Stiff and painful neck

I had a dreadful pain and stiffness in my neck. After treatment I felt much better with no stiffness in my neck. Jonathan gave me lots of tips on how to manage my problem. Osteopathy has helped me realize that my posture is poor and that trying to correct it will help...

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Putting pelvic pain behind me

“My pelvic joint pain was so severe that I couldn’t get out of bed unless I did it in slow motion and I had to think carefully about every step I took. This all happened at 14 weeks and I wondered how on earth I was going to make it to the end. I went to the osteopath...

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Overcoming neck and shoulder pain

“Although I recently turned 60, I consider myself a relatively fit and healthy person. However, over the past 10 months, I noticed pains creeping up in my left shoulder for which my GP prescribed a course of anti-inflammatory tablets. Unfortunately, this did not help...

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