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Sore ankle

Minor sports injuries

Whether you are a professional athlete or just exercising for fun your body needs to be in good working order to enjoy your sport.

Osteopathy is based on the principle that the structure of the body and the functioning of the body are intimately related. If the structure is not balanced and healthy then the function is affected.
Our aim is to relax and balance your muscular tension so that your body functions better, and you feel better!

Suddenly feeling “older”?

We all age gradually but if you are suddenly feeling “older” then that is not ageing. However, it could be:
  • a recent injury has left you unbalanced
  • something has triggered an old injury to tighten up and unbalance you
  • you have overused your muscles and joints lately and it’s time to get loosened up
  • you need to alter what you’re doing in some way…introduce some stretches, change your mattress, get more sleep, work on your core
Sore knee
Shoulder treatment

Treatment is tailored to you as an individual

The secret of our success is thoroughness. So we will for instance:
  • not only assess and treat the painful area but also any other parts that may be part of the problem
  • discuss your exercise routines and make suggestions to help keep you injury free
  • give you tips on stretching, warming down and the use of cold packs or heat.
  • explain what caused your symptoms and how you could prevent a recurrence

Osteopaths use a wide range of treatment techniques and treat people of all ages.

Techniques may include physical manipulation, stretching, massage, acupuncture, ultrasound and gentle techniques such as cranial.

Get on the road to recovery today

Get some help and get back to enjoying your sport again.
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Playing tennis
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