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Headache, migraine prevention and neuralgia

Headaches and migraines are a common problem that can make life a misery for the sufferer.  
Neuralgia is a specific condition caused by pressure on or dysfunction of a nerve. The pain can be severe and unpredictable.
With a combination of manual treatment, advice, exercises and support we hope we can help you.
You may benefit from other treatments such as specialist medication, a dental splint or screening for sensitivities to foodstuff or environmental factors. We can advise you on these.

Your first appointment

Osteopaths take a thorough approach which is ideally suited to the prevention of Migraines and the treatment of Headaches and Neuralgia as these conditions often have many causes.

We expect there to be a number of contributing factors to your symptoms and therefore we will take into account:

  • not only the area where you get your symptoms but also any associated areas that may be contributing to the issue.
  • the impact of past traumas
  • your posture
  • your lifestyle
  • your occupation
  • any environmental factors
  • your family’s health history

Osteopaths are trained to screen for medical conditions and so we will tell you if you need to see another health professional such as your doctor.

Woman with headache
Head massage


Osteopaths use a range of techniques including:

  • physical manipulation
  • stretching
  • massage
  • cranial technique
  • acupuncture.

Cranial techniques are safe and gentle. The treatment feels relaxing and soothing.

Get on the road to recovery today

Free to live your life without pain!

That’s what we want and with our skill, expertise and support we think you can get there.

Please call us to book your appointment today.

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