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In January 2018 we sent out a survey. Thank you to all of those who replied, the results were very interesting. They provided a good insight into whether you were pleased with our service and what you wanted from us in future.

Thank you to those of you who left additional comments, we received some very nice messages. We don’t know who left those comments, of course, because we made the survey confidential.  So, if you would like a reply to any comments you left please do get in touch by email info@countyosteopaths.co.uk or phone: 01905 45 45 50.

Here are the results or our survey:

Q1) How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our service?



Percentage of total %

Number of people out of 80 replies Expected results according to survey “Benchmark” %
Very satisfied

81 %


61 %

Somewhat satisfied

9 %


23 %

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

4 %


7 %

Somewhat dissatisfied

4 % 3/80

5 %

Very dissatisfied

1 %


4 %

We are very pleased to do better than the “benchmark” for this question. In other words, we had more satisfied customers and fewer dissatisfied customers than the average business.


Q2) How did you hear about us?


Percentage of total %

Number of people out of the 80 replies

Recommended by friend/colleague/relative



Referred by a health professional



Web search




1 %



6 %


Signs on roadside

3 %



6 %


It was a pleasant surprise to see just how many people were recommended to us, as opposed to those who found us on the internet or by driving past.


Q3) How easy was it to book an appointment?

Answers:   very easy 83%         neither easy not difficult 10%             slightly difficult 7%

The easiest way to make an appointment is by ringing our Reception line on 01905 45 45 50. There’s always somebody there to answer your call between 8am and 6pm on weekdays (excluding bank holidays). I’m afraid we can’t promise such a quick response if you email us or text us as these messages are replied to by our Osteopaths during breaks, which can be unpredictable.


Q4) Would you find it useful if we sent you a reminder before your appointment?


yes, please: by text 72%

yes, please: by email 5%

no reminder, thank you 23%

From May 2018 we will be asking you, when you next come in, to tick a box to say whether you want to receive reminders.


Q5) How likely are you to recommend us to somebody else?



Percentage of total %

Number of people out of 80 replies Expected results according to survey Benchmark %
Very likely



44 %




23 %

Probably not



32 %

Once again, whilst not perfect, we were very pleased that we did better than the average business (i.e. the Benchmark) on this score.

Please, if there is ever any experience you have with us that you are not happy with do tell us. We can’t improve if you don’t tell us when we do something wrong. You could email or phone in. If you wish to remain anonymous you could post a letter to us or ring our Receptionist in confidence. Although we could do more to resolve any issues if we knew all the facts. Please find all our contact details here.


Q6 What resources, if any, would you like to help you to recommend us?

“Recommend a friend card”, with discount for giver and receiver            51%

Fridge magnet                      14%

Business card                       27%

Other                                     21% (most of these replies said, “nothing extra required”)


Q7 What, if anything, would you be interested to read in a Newsletter?



Percentage %

Number of people out of 80 replies
Tips and advice






Articles and case studies



No newsletter, thank you



From May 2018 we will be asking you, when you next come in, to tick a box to say whether you want to receive any Newsletters.


Q8 Osteopaths can help with the following, which do you already know about?

Back and neck pain in adults 94% 67 of 80
Pain, stiffness and tension in ANY joint 90% 64 of 80
Headache, migraine and jaw pain 70% 50 of 80
Pain during pregnancy 45% 32 of 80
Aches and pains in children of any age 55% 39 of 80
Excessive crying in babies, from birth onwards 53% 38 of 80
Difficulty in sleeping in babies and children 49% 35 of 80
Sports injuries and repetitive strain injury (RSI) 79% 56 of 80
Sciatica and other trapped nerves 90% 64 of 80
Middle ear problems (glue ear/eustachian tube dysfunction) 35% 25 of 80
Runners training programmes 25% 18 of 80
Post viral symptoms 24% 17 of 80


Impressive knowledge everyone! Some people even competed with their friends to see who knew the most!


Q9 Would you be interested in an annual MOT-type appointment to keep your symptoms at bay?


Yes                  67%     49 of 80

No                   33%     24 of 80

Once again, to comply with the GDPR we will be asking you when you next come in whether you would like us to contact you about an MOT.


Many thanks to all who responded, it has been most helpful.

Joanna Young, Owner/Manager at County Osteopaths