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If it’s one thing you learn as an Osteopath, it’s that no two people are the same. Some people improve with the simplest of lifestyle changes. Whilst others do everything to get better but don’t.

We’re here for the people who don’t get better by themselves. Who’ve tried everything but are still suffering.

People who don’t get better by themselves often have many underlying causes getting in the way of their recovery. The causes may go back a long way. An event that happened umpteen years ago may be important. Traumatic events can include injuries, illnesses, surgery and prolonged or severe stress.

Our bodies are very good at coping or adapting. In fact, they are absolutely amazing at it. Our bodies adapt and adapt and adapt. It’s like spinning increasing numbers of plates in the air. But given too many challenges our bodies reach their limit and can no longer adapt perfectly. They will still adapt but it won’t be perfect and so you’ll begin to get symptoms such as aches, pains, tiredness or difficulty in relaxing. And these symptoms won’t go away by themselves.

Layers and layers of adaptations are like a tangled jumble of different tense bits. This is difficult for your body to sort out by itself.

The treatment then is to help your body untangle and release the layers of tension and changes that have built up over the years. Allowing your adaptability to bounce back.

Here’s an example of the events that can build up tension:

  1. you have an accident, straining your joints and causing a slight misalignment. The aches and pains subside and you feel better but your body is not back to normal. Instead it has adapted to tighter muscles and misalignment.
  2.  you have a period of severe stress. After the stress eases you feel OK again but you are not back to normal. Your body has kept some of the muscle tightness, and maybe shallower breathing too, and has got used to it.
  3. you lift something heavy and feel something go. In a few days you are better again. However, you are not back to normal. Some of the deepest soft tissues in your core remain tense but you have adapted to this and feel no pain
  4. time and again you strain yourself or cope with periods of illness or stress and adapt well.
  5. at some point the final straw comes. It may be an illness, an increase in stress levels, a seemingly minor trip or fall. Your body can no longer adapt perfectly and you begin to get symptoms. These symptoms won’t go away with rest and exercise.

Well the first thing to say is: aren’t our bodies wonderfully adaptable?! We bounce back again and again. It’s truly marvelous.

The second thing is: your amazing body wants to bounce back again. Your body’s genius for coping and adapting may be stifled but it is still there. What it needs is a little help. Help to loosen up and untangle the layers of tension. A chance to recover properly so you can move on.

So the final message is: don’t put up with pain but..

“Keep calm and see an Osteopath”
For appointments or more information please contact us on: 01905 45 45 50, we are happy to talk over your problems on the phone before you decide whether to make an appointment.

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