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Difficulty in Relaxing in Children and Adults

Osteopaths treat people of all ages for the inability to relax.
Osteopaths are qualified to work with babies and children as well as adults. It is safe to be treated whilst you are pregnant.
You, or your child (or grandchild), may benefit if you or they:
  • can’t relax enough to get to sleep
  • can’t relax enough to stay asleep
  • seem unable to relax during the day

Why do people have problems relaxing?

Osteopathy is based on the principle that the structure of the body and the functioning of the body are intimately related. If the structure is not balanced and healthy then the function is affected.
We check for tension and imbalance in your or your child’s body.
Child neck massage
Man receiving neck treatment

Relaxing and de-stressing

Osteopathic treatment for relaxation problems is generally comprised of gentle massage, stretching and cranial technique, which is subtle and gentle.
You, or your child, may feel sleepy during treatment and should feel relaxed afterwards.

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